Oral sex

Although it is a bit hard to find an absolute compatible partner, most people do not know the traits they or their sex partners should posses. Having an amazing sex partner is going to take a lot of burden off your mind. You will be able to concentrate on the act rather than wondering if you are making love to the right person or not. Below are things to consider in finding the right partner in bed.

Hygiene is vital. Everyone likes to make love to someone who is tidy and clean. Make sure that your partner is well manicured to ensure high comfort level. A lot of body hair will make it hard to enjoy every inch of their body unless that is what you like.

Oral sex should not be a big deal. You know what you want therefore a good partner is one willing to go out of the way to give you that pleasure. No one is perfect in oral but someone who is willing to learn a few tricks to arouse you is going to add a spark to your love life.

They should be adventurous. Passion and intimacy is destroyed if you have a boring partner who is having sex for the sake of it. It is vital for them to make an effort to increase the sensation by exploring their adventurous side. A partner willing to try out new sexual pleasures is a bonus. This should include things like talking dirty, trying out new positions or indulging in sex games.

A sexy shape will do a lot of wonders. Although weight should not come in your way of sexual pleasure, it is natural to look for a partner with a good shape. Being in top shape will give one great flexibility and accentuates performance in bed. There is nothing more you can ask for if seeing your partner nude makes you feel irresistible.

It is vital to take charge in bed with no inhibitions. The thing that makes sex even more special is being able to bring in new ideas and try them out. Vivid imagination and some erotic desires will contribute to healthy sexuality. You sex romp is going to be one of a kind when your better half is okay to using sex toys and suggests new ways to climax.

Communication is key to sexual pleasure hence a partner willing to talk to you about their wildest dreams and desires will make sex heavenly.

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